Red Ants Pants! Work pants for women! They really actually fit well! No pants up past the belly button headed towards the boobs, no weird crotch issues. Sturdy, well-made, made in the U.S.A. Pants!!!!

Dickies women's wear: 1-800-DICKIES

WorkAbles for Women
Oak Valley
Clinton, PA 15026-0214 (may be out of business)

Long underwear-wise, I suggest silk! Cosy, but not too bulky. Won't melt to your skin like poly-mixes. Can get it reasonably priced at Sierra Trading Post--also good for discount Carhardt coveralls, pants and shirts.


I *really* like the Thorogood boots. Reasonably priced and pretty comfy.

Redwings are kind of standard, but I don't really like the stitching around the toe--once that goes, the top kind of flops around. Also I was told at the Redwing store (in San Francisco) that I needed to buy $20 insoles in order to get them to fit right.

In the San Francisco area I can recommend the Shoe Depot in Colma. There is a woman working there who is fantastic. She will work with you and order if she has to. I got the most comfortable Carolinas from there...

Or even Stompers Boots.

Some people will tell you to get Die Hards from some department store...these boots kind of suck. They're notAmerican made anymore. They tend to stretch out a lot, and a boot that was barely comfortable months ago, will require 3 pairs of thick socks to make them fit at all.

And the best place ever for boot repair, capping, whatever is Anthony's Shoe Service Inc. 30 Geary Street near Grant in San Francisco. They can take your trashed, but nicely broken in boots and fix them up--soles, uppers, caps, and then put the greatest fit insoles in them and make them better than new. And they're super friendly. not cheap.

Knox-fit sizes their gloves, and I used to buy then in bulk. Not sure where to go for them now.

Wells Lamont for Women 1-800-257-2174
6640 West Touhy Ave
Niles, IL 60714
(I like the leather palm gloves in women's size small, since I do a lot of tacking and Flexos burn too well.)

Flexos aren't made in the U.S. anymore either. And they're kind of cheesier and don't last. On top of sticking out at least an inch over my fingers. Boss is an ok brand. Knox-Fit are also recommended, but again, are still pretty large.

Usually I tend to get frustrated or lazy or in a hurry or whatever and not wear gloves--NOT RECOMMENDED!!!! Always keep a pair of gloves in your back pocket. My hands are now weirdly scarred from random burns and cuts and pinchings. Manicurists avert their eyes in horror.

For some good quality clothes and they also sell "Tear Mender" to fix your good quality clothes, try Acme Surplus Store 5159 Mission St. (near Geneva). (which i haven't checked out yet...)


give Randy and Debbie Rude a try at or hard hat gear.

or try looking stuff up on ebay. Try looking around in different categories. Remember: many ironworkers can't spell to save their lives. You may not be able to find a deal because it is misspelled and put in some weird category. All the better for you if you're the only one that sees the listing....Have seen entire tool belts up for sale. good luck!

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