Job Targeting

important information from brother ironworker DeadEye

what you can do:

? ATTEND all city council meetings concerning project and it's funding.
? Research and consider all funding, grants, etc. Apply political pressure through funding agencies.
? Check for any Federal monies involved.
? Obtain phone #s of contractors' main offices used to tie-up phones for 1st day of picket. Communications extremely important to on-site supervision at this time. Will cause frustration and force company "Big Shots" to be on-site. Stagger calls 5 minutes apart.

? Seek approval from Executive Board [have "salting resolution" in Local Union By-Laws] to salt a particular job with level-headed, well-qualified men. Saturate them with applicants. Get on the job!
? Send in all your minorities for employment; if not accepted NLRB & EEOC!!
? Coordinate the salting of the job with other craftsman through the Building Trades.
? Establish a maximum 30 day deadline [preferably two weeks] to gather authorization cards; a determination then has to be made whether or not you have enough of the trades on the job [for a NLRB petition & ULPs to follow] or an informational picket line has to be established protesting inferior wages, etc.
? During the initial on-site phase gather information on the non-union individual phone #s and background. Some may have been brought in from out-of-town and possibly have membership cards in their back pockets. Home locals can apply pressure. Pressure can also be applied at night, ect., on the phone.
? Point of Law:
1.) An individual with union affiliation working for a non-union contractor as a foreman home local can file a civil suit against him (breech of contract).
2.) "Right to Work" law application to local situation in reverse

? Allow only one trade at a time to establish an informational picket this causes the contractor involved to establish designated gates and causes them to seek court injunctions [takes 72 hours] against that particular trade at that time another trade will come into focus and their contractor will be forced to seek court orders against them. Follow this procedure until all injunctions have been ordered. These are informational pickets NO VIOLENCE, AT ANY COST! Keep cameras on hand; to document activities, dispute allegations, and for general intimidation.
? Set up picket line on Thursday (never Monday) or two days before a holiday. It demoralizes them they thought they were doing so well, especially before 1/2 their job walked off.
? Make it a local issue local people for local employment on a local job.
? Set up picket line captains. Keep accurate lists for records as to who was on the line. Know which trades participate.
? If security guards are used on-site create a situation where they are used 24 hours a day have pickets set up during the day in shifts up to 4 hours each and one alternating 3 hour night shift. This creates more overhead for the contractor. Reason for being there "We're waiting for a truck to come in."
? Make the picket line a family affair. Children and spouses represent a peaceful picket.
? Get good press! T.V., newspaper, radio dispute any and all allegations publicly.
? NEVER damage equipment or facilities on a Federally funded job. It brings the Feds into the scenario and complicates the effort unnecessarily. NEVER damage equipment or facilities on any project once the pickets go up.
? When in doubt consult!! [Lawyer]

These guidelines were put to paper in 3/89 after International Falls and circulated through "Whipline News". They represent lessons learned from numerous rank and file Iron Worker bottom-up efforts going back to '84 some from books, most from the efforts themselves.

If they were being updated on paper today, they'd be somewhat different but that'll come.

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