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Al Simmons emailed me and asked if I would post something for him. For those that don't know he is president Of the Greater New York and Vicinity District Council. This is what he wanted posted:

I want it to be known that there are 5 Iron Worker Locals in New York City And they have all responded to the call. equally. The Trade center site has been turned over to Contractors as of today and the Volunteer stage is over. Local 40 New York has the Jurisdiction over Demolition in Manhattan so all of the men to be Employed at the site will come thru Local 40 from now on. A great job was done by the members of Local 40, Local 46, Local 197, Local 361 and Local 580. Notice I have listed them in numerical order because they are all doing a tremendous job. How proud I am of all of the Ironworkers that have Volunteered, And How proud that I am to be a Union Ironworker. I also want to thank all of the Ironworkers and the Local Unions that have called from all over the United States and Canada that have called wanting to help.

{and from the info i got at, it looks like the contractor will be koch. at least now there should be a plan and a strategy, ironworker-wise, to get this job done. all you guys, take care.}