what is ironworking--different aspects of trade. Structural--arguably the most defining facet of the trade. Connectors, riggers, raising gang, work with crane operators crane signals, charts Reinforcing--the bread and butter of most of the trade. places the rebar that strengthens the concrete in bridges, highways, and structural floors--works mostly with carpenters and cement masons. reinforcing chart Ornamental--the "nice" work. handrails, stairs, artwork, finishwork. works mostly with shop ironworkers. Decking--dangerous without the glamor. placing and fastening steel decking on structual steel--the support for concrete floors. may or may not work "with" cement masons and carpenters. Bridge--builds and maintains bridges. Welding--an aspect of all phases of the trade. symbols ; misc. and composite crews: glaziers, conveyors/ millwrights precast