California Workers---


The Legislative Session in Ending today

Workers' Compensation and Unemployment Insurance Bills are on Governor Davis' Desk

Our phone calls are making a difference!

Please make one more call TODAY!

SB 71 (Burton). Our bill to increase worker' compensation benefits is on the Governor's desk, awaiting his signature or veto. We still have yet to receive any word about the Governor's action. The threat of a veto still looms heavily.

SB 40 (Alarcon). Our bill to increase unemployment insurance benefits, is on its way to the Governor's desk today. While we've been in intensive and promising negotiations with the Administration, there has been no commitment that the Governor will sign this bill.

We have received reports that our calls are making a difference. We've filled up the Governor's Los Angeles phone line and are logging hundreds of calls into the Sacramento office.

Call the Governor one more time with the following message:

"California's economy is the 6th largest in the world, yet we are nearly the last in the nation in protecting injured and unemployed workers. Please sign SB 71 (Burton) and SB 40 (Alarcon)--two bills that are very important to my union and our members."

Please make two calls TODAY
One to the Governor's Sacramento office and one to your regional office:

Fresno Office.................559-445-5295
Los Angeles Office......213-897-0322
San Diego Office...........619-525-4641
San Francisco Office...415-703-2218
Sacramento Office.......916-445-2841

If you get an answering machine, make sure to leave a message. If the answering machine is full, call another regional office until you are able to leave a message.

The Sacramento office may require you to hold for a few minute, please be patient--it's extremely important that this office receives your call.

**New address 8/1/01**
600 Grand Av., Suite 410
Oakland, CA 94610-3561
Direct phone 510/663-4010
Communications Dept fax 510/663-4014